Project Description

Speed governor

Vehicle speed limiter
Speed limit, speed control device, suit all the cars, such as truck, heavy truck and tanker and so on.
Gps track record and overspeed car alarm
Electronic or Mechanical car throttle and tank truck suittable
Overspeed history data record


1. Easy install, provide install video, suit all the cars(electronic and mechanical throttle);
2. Speed limit: set max speed, the speed won’t over the setting speed, safe driving;
3. Connect with Google map and recording where you go;
4. 72hours Data Recording ( Overspeed History, Date & Time, Driver ID, GPS Location, tec.);
5. Bult-in Flash Menory for data recording with Encryption;
6. Overspeed Buzzer Alarm & Control before limiting speed;
7. No effect on vehicles’s original brake, or ;normal operation;
8. Record various vehicle parameters
9. Check the history of the route;

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